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Wellbore Cleaning

VeruTEK’s high solvency, neutral pH product provides an equipment-friendly alternative to commodity products used to remove buildup from the wellbore and wellbore perforations. Removing deposits of asphaltene and paraffin is one of the most effective ways to improve well productivity in mature fields. VeruTEK’s wellbore cleaner can be applied to the wellbore or pipelines during completion or production to remove and prevent buildup. 

Oil Technology Products

VeruTEK offers three formulations to remove wellbore blockages

VeruTEK Wellbore Cleaner contains both solvents and wetting agents designed to be diluted with water to provide a cost effective, formation specific, solution. Surfactants reduce surface tension, improve contact of the solvent and formation and prevent re-adsorption of blockages by changing surfaces to water-wet.  The product is effective against asphaltenes, paraffins, bioslime and prevents the deposition of scale. 

ProBoost Asphaltene is a cost effective, non-citrus based solvent with a high flash point, ideal for wells primarily blocked by asphaltenes

Xylene Replacement is a citrus based solvent blend that is effective and dissolving both asphaltene and paraffins but is not as toxic as xylene to humans or the environment.

Well Completion: Drilling Mud & Filter Cake Removal                  

MudOut, VeruTEK’s neutral pH filter cake solution, removes filter cake to improve permeability with lower risk of formation damage or reservoir incompatibilities compared to alternative chemical technologies. The formula is designed to react slowly providing uniform breakdown. 


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