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VeruTEK Technologies® has developed patented, green technology to achieve, cost effective and permanent soil & groundwater remediation.

VeruTEK provides the most advanced chemistry available to eliminate source contamination. These in-place remedies can be used beneath buildings and other structures to achieve site clean-up at a reduced cost and in a short amount of time - weeks or months not years - compared to traditional alternative methods.


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Surfactant Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation

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Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery

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Our easy to apply green chemistry can be injected in close proximity to homes and buildings without disruption to occupants to destroy organic contaminants including:

• Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL), LNAPL, DNAPL
• Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) Wastes
• Creosote – PAHs
• Hydrocarbons – Diesel, Gasoline, # 2 & # 6 oils
• Chlorinated Solvents – TCE, PCE

The VeruTEK approach permanently delivers a clean site - without use of excavation to relocate toxins to another location

EPA Technology Innovation program lists VeruTEK Technologies in the EPA Remediation and Characterization Technologies Vendor Directory

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