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VeruTEK Technologies developed patented green chemistry technologies to achieve cost effective and permanent soil and groundwater remediation. In September 2014, Ethical Solutions LLC acquired all intellectual property and assets from VeruTEK and continues to market the products and technologies under the EthicalChem brand name.

EthicalChem remediation technologies provide in place remedies that can be used to treat heavily contaminated soil and source contamination beneath building and other structures to achieve site clean-up through free phase removal and residual contaminant destruction.

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Surfactant Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation

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Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery


Our easy to apply green chemistry can be injected in close proximity to homes and buildings without disruption to occupants to destroy organic contaminants including:

• Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL), LNAPL, DNAPL
• Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) Wastes
• Creosote – PAHs
• Hydrocarbons – Diesel, Gasoline, # 2 & # 6 oils
• Chlorinated Solvents – TCE, PCE

The VeruTEK approach permanently delivers a clean site - without use of excavation to relocate toxins to another location